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Antique wood chair upholstered in gold floral material positioned by a window in a Paris apartment


culture and passion in what we do

With a rich family history in building and renovation spanning Italy and Australia, GenovesiDesign brings an appreciation of Italian quality, anglophone « efficacy » and all the beauty and romanticism of France! With this solid foundation, we delight in working with expats and french locals alike, bringing your ideas into reality.


Find out more about us below and enjoy some photos of our recently completed renovation projects in Paris.

Do not hesitate to contact us for further information or to discuss your next exciting project! 


your style, your dream

Whether you are a lover of baroque, have an affinity for industrial, or prefer sleek and modern, our aim is to understand your needs and realise your vision. 


GenovesiDesign works with a team of architects, builders, engineers, craftsmen, and colour experts to design, source and deliver your home remodel or investment project.


​Working predominately within Paris, the GenovesiDesign team are specialists in managing complete internal home remodels - start to finish. 


We know that undertaking a home renovation in a foreign country can be daunting! The GenovesiDesign team will guide you through the process. We liaise with external stakeholders (e.g. building concierges,  neighbours and syndics) and have a breadth of experience problem solving unique Parisian building challenges.


If you are yet to move to Paris, via our partners, we can also assist you to find the perfect home or investment property from which to start your new adventure. 


We speak your language - english, french, italian or all three!


our recent work

how we can help

Together with our partners, GenovesiDesign have experience with:

  • internal demolitions;

  • restructure works (new walls, floors and ceilings);

  • delivering new kitchens and bathrooms;

  • fireplaces and other restorative works;

  • tiling and parquet;

  • plumbing and electrical;

  • painting and wallpaper; 

  • heating and insulation; and

  • sourcing of all required materials.


During the design phase, we provide 2D floor plans and 3D elevations to help you visualise your project. We also offer decorating services including procurement of new or historical furniture pieces and lighting fixtures, soft furnishing selection, and curation of artwork, kitchenware and haberdashery.

Photo of two curtained windows. Curtains are light blue and wallpaper is mint green with white flowers and green leaves.

what people say

Living in the US, it was a daunting task to find the right person to execute my renovation in Paris. After extensive research and vetting, I chose Loretta....and I can't be more pleased! Her personal touch, follow through and great team members did a fantastic job on my flat. Her design insight, practical outlook and numerous resources resulted in a fantastic construction experience. From major renovation issues down to the right napkins...Loretta was on point! ”​


—  Jacques, Project Paris 9


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