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Custom Design: Black & Gold Cocktail Bar

After a long day, retreat home and pour yourself a Boulevardier, or perhaps a Soixante-Quinze, or simply une coupe de champagne....

The Beaumarchais apartment to the east of the Marais screams luxury! Our London based clients' brief was heavily influenced by both their love of entertaining as much as their need for a sanctuary to come home to. And what better way than with a custom designed cocktail bar!

The cocktail bar, exclusively designed by GenovesiDesign replaced an existing storage space that was otherwise not required and apart from being visually stunning, it created a real feature to anchor the far corner of the room. It's black and gold features marrying perfectly with the other features of the salon including the black fireplace, gold antique mirror and the 1980's brass Gina Sarfatti Flos chandelier.

The main features of the final design included:

  • xxxx

  • xxxx

  • xxxx

Whilst a cocktail bar manufacturer could have been used, the benefit of designing and creating this space ourselves was XYZ.....

The design and construction process involved:

  • xxx

  • xxxx

  • xxx

Project: Paris 3 Beaumarchais

Apartment: XXsqm

Project Objectives: Complete apartment renovation, new layout, custom elements, luxury

Project Date: 2019


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